New fake date

Moving further away from its pre-St. Patrick’s Day roots, the conglomerate of Johnny Kaw’s bars advertised Aug. 29 as the new date for Fake Patty’s Day.

Though one string of Aggieville bars is trying to reschedule Fake Patty’s Day to late August, there’s no consensus on the matter, at least as far as the Aggieville Business Association is concerned.

A marquee outside of Shot Stop advertises Aug. 29 as the new date for Fake Patty’s Day, which would be after college students resume classes on campus.

The annual made-up drinking holiday usually takes place the weekend before K-State’s spring break, which would have been Feb. 29 — the day of the K-State men’s basketball game against Kansas. The business district planned to move festivities to March 21, so the event would avoid conflict with K-State-KU game. However, those plans were dashed as mounting concerns over the coronavirus pandemic grew and cancellations of events and mass gatherings ensued.

Brett Allred, who owns Shot Stop, Johnny Kaw’s and a number of other bars in Aggieville and Kansas City, said in an email that he hopes the event will give people something to look forward to “during these challenging times.”

“If we have support of the community, city officials and it’s safe, (Fake Patty’s Day) will be Aug. 29,” Allred said. “If we have to reschedule to a later date, that’s no problem because it’s a ‘fake’ holiday. FPD is one of the top 10 college parties in America and brings an estimated 30,000 people to Manhattan.”

But just as officials said back in March, ABA Director Dennis Cook said those bars are essentially acting alone and the business district as a whole does not have plans to reschedule the event this year.

“That bar has not been open since we closed down in March, and I don’t even expect to see anybody,” Cook said. “... I don’t have a whole lot of contact with the owner, but that (sign) is something they put up and there’s no consensus with anybody else. ... We’re not planning anything.”

Under state and local orders, bars were allowed to reopen Wednesday provided they follow social distancing and sanitary guidelines and close at midnight. Some were able to open earlier than last week if they served food and essentially operated as a restaurant.

Though there has been some push for the event to happen, its fate may remain in limbo as it also had previously been scheduled for early May by the Allred-owned bars.

“In this day and age, anything can happen, but I don’t see it,” Cook said. “I have hardly heard anything about it.”