Manhattan-Ogden school board members at their meeting Wednesday will consider spending $11,271 for additional textbooks.

The College Board and Advanced Placement programs have an expectation that students use resources published within the past 10 years. The AP European History textbooks currently in use were published in 2008, according to Paula Hough, executive director of teaching and learning.

In a letter, Kane Davis, an AP teacher at Manhattan High, said if the school is to offer European History with the AP title and accreditation, it can no longer use the books it has.

“As there are a number of students who have elected to learn remotely this year, it is almost essential that the textbook we have offers an online component, if not in its entirety then at least enough so that students could have access to the majority of content contained within the textbook,” he wrote.

“As the current textbook is extremely outdated, it not only does not offer this feature, but furthermore it only allows students the bare minimum as far as any online resources are concerned.”

In addition to the consideration of the textbook purchase, board members are slated to select their Kansas Association of School Boards delegate and hear several reports, among them: middle school athletic and activity annual report; an update on construction; student transfers; and the Early Learning Program.

According to the written portion of the Early Learning report the district began exploring the Early Learning Community Model in 2015. The model integrates students from At-Risk, Head Start, Special Education, and Community Peers into one classroom.

In all but one assessment category the percent of 4-year-old Head Start students demonstrating strong progress on spring assessments improved by several percentage points.