Riley County commissioner Marvin Rodriguez is running for re-election in 2020.

Rodriguez, chairman of the commission, filed his paperwork Monday for the District 2 position. Voters first elected him as a commissioner in 2016.

His district includes the northern part of the county and some areas in Manhattan. Cities include Riley, Leonardville and Randolph.

Rodriguez said he enjoys being a commissioner because of the connection it fosters.

“It’s to be part of the community and to get things done,” he said.

Originally from Texas, Rodriguez graduated from Junction City High School and also attended Kansas State University.

Rodriguez said he wants to see several projects through and completed.

Some of those projects include implementing the new county radio system and helping the Riley County Health Department become accredited by the Public Health Board.

Rodriguez is the first person to file for his position.

Current commissioner Ron Wells and former Manhattan mayor John Matta are running in District 3, which includes parts of Manhattan as well as areas north of city.

District 1 encompasses sections of Manhattan and areas in the southern county.