The Riley County Treasurer’s office will raise its transaction fees by $1 for driver’s license services.

The Riley County Commission on Thursday approved county treasurer’s Shilo Heger request for an increase to $5 per transaction. It will take effect Saturday.

The fee was previously $4. Heger said the increase would bring in an additional $5,218 to the treasurer’s department.

The department saw 5,218 people use driver’s license services in 2018, the most recent year available. The $5 fee would put Riley County at the same fee as other counties seeing comparable numbers of people, Heger said. Pottawatomie County also charges a $5 transaction fee for the services.

“To keep consistent with other counties, I would suggest $5,” Heger said.

Heger said that more and more people are coming to them for driver’s license services. Since 2014, the number has increased 24%. She said this could continue with the upcoming implementation of Real ID at the state level. County clerk Rich Vargo said projected population increases and the opening of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility would add to the need to maintain services as well.

“We’re not getting any smaller,” Vargo said. “People are going to expect more services.”