Riley County will receive funding from the federal government to help in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but the exact amount is unknown.

The state of Kansas collected $1.25 billion from the federal government to distribute to Kansas counties. Riley County will receive a chunk of that based on a calculation of $194 per resident in the county, said Lyle Butler, former president and CEO of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and chair of the state’s recovery task force.

Butler said he was not sure which census numbers officials will use to calculate how much money Riley County will get.

He reported this information Thursday to the Manhattan Area Recovery Task Force.

The money must be used by the end of December for coronavirus-related expenses, Butler said.

Each state received money from the federal government based on the population of the state. Kansas received the “minimal” amount from the federal government because of the state’s population, Butler said.

“That’s a big amount of money,” Butler said. “But as the governor told me when she asked me to chair the task force, she said, ‘Lyle, there in the state of Kansas, there are billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars that are needed.’ And so the hard part is deciding where best this $1.25 billion goes.”

Counties in Kansas impacted by the coronavirus significantly will receive extra money, Butler said.

Sedgwick and Johnson counties already received their share, Butler said, because the federal government decided to directly give funding to counties with a population of more than 500,000 people. Johnson County received about $116 million while Sedgwick County received about $99 million.