Riley County Health Department director Jennifer Green said she resigned from her position last week because she and her husband are moving to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Green’s husband, a member of the military, received orders to move there, she said.

“We’re a military family,” Green said. “We are being moved to North Carolina, and I really have appreciated my time here. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Green has been the director since August 2016, and her last day in Manhattan is Nov. 7, she said.

“This is a wonderful community, and we’ve been very pleased to be a part of the Manhattan and Fort Riley community for the last three years,” Green said.

Green said she is going to miss the community and health department staff.

“I think the people here ... are really passionate about the work that we do to improve the health of our community, to make this a better place, a safer place, a healthier place,” she said.

Green is going to be a part of the hiring committee for her replacement, Riley County commissioners decided Monday.

“Of course when you leave a position, it’s always a little bit nerve-wracking too,” Green said, “because you don’t know who is coming in after you; but, I really hope I can help lend that public heath expertise to the role, and hopefully a vision in continuing the work that we’ve done over the last several years at the health department.”

Green plans to be present at the accreditation site visit by the Public Health Accreditation Board planned for Nov. 4 and 5.

The health department applied for the accreditation in spring 2018.

“I felt really strongly that we needed to be here to support the health department through our site visit,” Green said.