With the election a week away, Riley County has sent out approximately 11,000 mail ballots and received about 3,500 back.

This is up substantially compared to the 2016 presidential election, when the county mailed out 1,764 ballots.

Tuesday was the final day to apply for a mail ballot, according to state law.

Rich Vargo, county clerk, said the deadline allows for officials to get the application through the system and the ballots mailed off to the voters and returned in time to be counted. People must send their ballots by Nov. 3.

Vargo revealed the latest election data during Monday’s intergovernmental luncheon between area officials.

“Participation has been great,” Vargo said. “We expect that to continue.”

During the luncheon, Riley County chair Marvin Rodriguez also announced the latest employees joining the county government. Amanda Smeller is the new planning and special projects coordinator, Russel Stukey is the new fire chief and John Ellermann is the new public works director.