Water and sewer rates will be going up in some benefit districts in Riley County.

Riley County commissioners Thursday approved raising the rates for the Terra Heights sewer benefit district, Moehlman Bottoms water benefit district, Deep Creek sewer district and the Hunters Island water benefit district.

Officials said these rates are adjusted to ensure the districts are adequately funded and to maintain reserve funds for the districts; the county commission oversees these districts.

For the Terra Heights sewer benefit district, which has 43 landowners, commissioners approved setting a new administrative fee of $5 per month for that district. Commissioners approved decreasing the sewer fee from $35 to $32 per month, which results in a $2 net increase for customers per month. Rates were last adjusted for this district back in 2008.

Commissioners approved an approximate $10.50 increase per month for customers in the Moehlman Bottoms water benefit district, depending on the customers’ water usage. Commissioners approved the minimum charge increase from $16 to $20 each month, water fees from $4.25 to $4.86 per 100 cubic feet and an administrative fee increase from $4 to $6. Officials said rates were last adjusted back in 2011. This district has 22 landowners, officials said.

The commission approved higher rates for the sewer district at Deep Creek, increasing the capital reserve fee by $3.96 and setting the monthly adminstrative fee at $3.16. The capital improvement fee rose from $8.04 to $12 per customer. This results in a total increase of $7.12 per month. Officials said the county has not updated these rates since 2001. Deep Creek has 21 landowners.

Commissioners approved increasing the monthly rate for the Hunters Island water benefit district, which has 47 landowners, by about $9.25 per month for customers. The commission approved raising the minimum monthly charge from $11 to $16.75 per month, water usage fee from $3.75 to $4.04 per 100 cubic feet and the administrative fee from $4 to $5 per month. These rates were adjusted back in 2011 originally. This district has 47 landowners.

Commissioners will not meet Monday because of the Labor Day holiday.