The Riley County Commission on Monday gave initial approval to increasing the 2019 budget for 2019 by $10.7 million.

The commission annually adjusts the budget towards the end of the year to account for whatever additional spending the county needs to do. It doesn’t affect tax rates or require additional spending.

The expenditures for the adopted 2019 budget totaled $48.8 million, and the amended budget the commission approved Monday increased expenditures to $59.5 million. That is an increase of approximately 22%.

The commission increased the Riley County Police Department’s budget by $568,319.

The county had leftover cash available for RCPD, said Tami Robison, county budget and finance officer. Moving the money over into that account is a safety measure for the department, Robison said.

Within the budget, RCPD has $400,000 in capital outlay funds and $168,819 extra in contractual funds under the amended budget.

Robison said the department does not plan to use the cash unless it is necessary.

County commissioners approved a total of 13 amendments in various categories. The commission also approved a $3.4 million increase to the total 2019 general fund. Adopted expenditures totaled $32.3 million, and the commission approved the increase to $35.7 million. That is about a 10% increase.

Within the general fund, the commission approved a $1.6 million increase from $3.6 million to $5.2 million in the general services category. The county public works department also gained an additional $717,000. Public works started at $8.1 million, and the commission approved $8.8 million in the amended budget.

The county follows a calendar year budget, so the final day of the budget year is Dec. 31.

The commission will host a public hearing on the budget increases at 9:20 a.m. Dec. 12. This must be held prior to a final approval of the budget.

In addition, Craig Cox, deputy county counselor, said his last day as the president of the Kansas Association of Counties is Dec. 13.

Chair Ron Wells thanked him for his work as president.