The Riley County Health Department is monitoring several possible coronavirus outbreak sites, but officials are not saying what those sites are.

“We’re monitoring locations throughout town, throughout the county,” said Andrew Adams, emergency preparedness coordinator at the health department. “And so we’ve had our eye on some places. We’re always working with those different locations, whether it’s healthcare facilities, whether it’s those more leisure time facilities.”

Adams said when officials have the “appropriate information,” the health department will release it to the public.

“But we are working with several, several places throughout the county, monitoring, looking at where our cases were, where our cases have been, where their contacts are,” Adams said, “so that we can get ahead of anything, get on top of anything, hopefully before something like that would spring up, whether it’s a facility like skilled nursing or long-term care or it’s a bar or restaurant.”

Officials previously said they will announce a site to the public when five or more cases are tied to a single location and time. Officials have previously announced outbreaks associated with K-State Athletics, Aggieville and the Leonardville Nursing Home.

The Leonardville Nursing Home outbreak is closed, Adams said.

“That outbreak has officially been declared over at this point in time,” Adams said. “But we’re still looking at the couple of places in Aggieville, we’re still looking at K-State Athletics and those things. We’re getting close to those points where these different locations are starting to kind of officially be over for an outbreak.”

In addition, the health department is following up with businesses, such as restaurants and bars, to check the required screening logs and to answer any questions.

“Our goal is to make sure everyone is safe and the managers have all of their questions answered,” said Julie Gibbs, director of the Riley County Health Department and local health officer.

Gibbs also said the health department assigned a staff member to businesses who have positive coronavirus cases to help them with exposure and any questions they may have.

Riley County on Tuesday confirmed nine new coronavirus cases since Monday, officials said. The county also added 18 new cases over the weekend.

The county has a total of 364 cases.

Of the 364 cases, 228 are recovered and 133 are active. Three people have died after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) reported 20,058 cases, 1,343 hospitalizations and 288 deaths statewide Monday.

That is up 1,447 cases, 39 hospitalizations and four deaths from Friday.

Geary County has 119 cases while Pottawatomie County has 93 cases, KDHE reported Monday. Geary County is up four cases, and Pottawatomie County is also up four from Friday.

There have been 211,117 negative tests so far in Kansas, according to KDHE. KDHE releases data Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.