Rain on Wednesday evening into Thursday morning did not cause any flooding issues, according to Riley County Emergency Management Director Pat Collins.

Collins said the north end of the county received a little more than an inch of rain. The K-State Weather Data Library reported 0.58 inches of rain.

As of Thursday morning, Tuttle Creek Lake was at 1,132.43 feet above sea level, a 0.76 foot decrease from Wednesday.

Inflow was reported as 12,300 cubic feet per second. Outflow from the stilling basin (“the tubes”) is still 30,000 cfs, but Collins said that would likely begin to decrease later this week or early next week.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ goal is for the lake level to reach 1,128 feet, 20% below the capacity of the lake, before decreasing the outflow. Once the lake reaches that point, releases would be dictated by water flow rates downstream in Waverly, Missouri.

“I wouldn’t say we’re getting back to normal but we’re getting closer,” Collins said.