The spread of coronavirus cases in students and school employees is mostly happening off-campus, according to Manhattan-Ogden school district and K-State officials.

“I’m proud to say there have not been very many cases with spread within our facilities,” said Eric Reid, assistant superintendent at USD 383. “So hats off to all the people on the ground, my teachers, our kids, our families, they’ve been doing a phenomenal job. I don’t think anyone would have even thought at beginning of September that we would be able to maintain face-to-face as long as we had, and even getting to the point where we’re considering bringing back more.”

Linda Cook, chief of staff and director of community relations at K-State, said it’s a similar situation at K-State.

“Just like for (USD 383), the spread’s not happening on campus,” Cook said Monday. “It’s outside coming in. But on campus, it’s not happening there.”

Officials talked about the coronavirus situation in the area during the virtual intergovernmental luncheon Monday.

Reid recognized it’s been difficult for the school district, saying required quarantines of staff members have caused a struggle.

“We’re struggling with a few positive cases,” he said. “But it’s the quarantines that are getting us, the required quarantines for the safety reasons.”

Earlier this month, K-State canceled its graduation ceremonies because of the rise of cases locally and across the state. A virtual graduation ceremony honoring K-State students is planned for sometime in December, Cook said.

“Basically it’ll be virtual where they will have some of the college speakers and read off the names of the students,” Cook said.