Local businessman Joseph McGraw has dropped out of the Manhattan City Commission race.

McGraw told The Mercury on Tuesday that he is leaving the race because of an unforeseen situation with his business that will require more involvement.

As president of Restore of the Heartland, he manages the Manhattan business that helps people in catastrophic situations, like floods, fire and other disasters.

“Business took a different direction than what I was able to foresee,” McGraw said. “Consequently, I have to get back involved in the business more actively than what I had been previously when I filed.”

However, McGraw’s name will remain on the ballot because he dropped out after the candidate filing deadline. “That’s a vote that they shouldn’t waste on me,” he said.

With McGraw out, eight candidates are running for three open spots on the commission:

  • Wynn Butler (incumbent)
  • Aaron Estabrook (incumbent)
  • Kaleb James
  • Rich Jankovich
  • Marcus Kidd
  • Monica MacFarlane
  • John Matta
  • Usha Reddi (incumbent)

McGraw said he supports Butler, James and Matta.

“I feel like they will be able to do what’s best for Manhattan in a nonpartisan kind of way,” he said.

Advance voting begins Wednesday. The general election is Nov. 2.

The city commission election is nonpartisan.