The cost of living in the Little Apple is roughly 9.4% lower than the national average.

The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce recently announced the overall score of living comes in at 90.6, with the national average being 100.

Individual scores for the city within specific categories include 91.1 for grocery, 82.2 for housing, 106.2 for utilities, 93.8 for transportation, 94.9 for health care and 91.5 for miscellaneous goods and services.

“We have everything that bigger communities have, so that’s nice,” said John Pagen, vice president of community development at the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce.

Pagen said Manhattan is one of the more expensive places to live when comparing it to other cities across the state.

Neighboring Kansas cities’ scores include Topeka at 92.3 and Salina at 83.7, while Wichita’s score is 90.5.

Other college towns had comparable scores to Manhattan. Columbia, Missouri, home of the University of Missouri, scored 91.1. Lincoln, Nebraska, which is home to the University of Nebraska, scored 91.8.