Manhattan city commissioner Aaron Estabrook has tested positive for the coronavirus. He attributed his case to community spread.

Manhattan city commissioner Aaron Estabrook has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Manhattan city government announced his test result Thursday evening.

Officials are asking anyone who had close contact with Estabrook after Oct. 15 to complete a 14-day quarantine and contact a medical provider immediately if experiencing any symptoms.

Estabrook said he didn’t have in-person contact with any of the other commissioners.

Public information officer Vivienne Uccello told The Mercury that Estabrook is at home.

“He is recovering and needs to rest,” Uccello said in a news release.

Estabrook notified city administrators after he received his results on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Estabrook, 37, said during the Manhattan City Commission meeting that he was ill; he participated in the meeting remotely via Zoom.

Estabrook began self quarantining Saturday, which was the same day he started experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms, which progressively worsened. He said he has no underlying health conditions.

Estabrook was tested for the virus Tuesday afternoon. He said he called the Riley County Health Department coronavirus screening line Monday, and officials scheduled him for a test Tuesday afternoon.

“The exposure likely occurred between October 10 and 17 and is due to community spread,” Estabrook said.

Estabrook said his symptoms include body and muscle aches, fatigue, sore throat, cough, congestion and loss of taste and smell.

Estabrook said his two daughters are at their mother’s home and stayed home from school this week as Estabrook was experiencing symptoms. Estabrook said his wife is experiencing “mild symptoms” and is in isolation at home with him. Officials said they do not know the medical status of Estabrook’s wife other than she is experiencing mild symptoms.

Estabrook plans to participate in meetings next week remotely via Zoom, as long as symptoms allow it, officials said.