Riley County Police Officers escort a man from his front porch to a police cruiser after he was reported for being racist towards peaceful protesters before and after the gathering in Triangle Park on Tuesday.

Riley County police officers escort Ralph Walters to a police cruiser after he was arrested for criminal threat toward protesters before and after the gathering in Triangle Park Tuesday.

A Manhattan man was arrested Tuesday evening and charged with criminal threat after he allegedly threatened groups of protesters leaving a rally at Triangle Park.

Ralph Walters, 65, was arrested and charged with making a criminal threat in the 1300 block of Fremont Street at 8:15 p.m. He remained confined in Riley County Jail as of Tuesday night.

Witnesses told The Mercury that Walters used the N-word against a group of protesters, who were protesting police brutality against African Americans and specifically the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota in late May.

Walters had been insulting the crowd on the first leg of the march, but doubled down and became more threatening as the protesters began to leave the park, said Devin Peterson, who was protesting at the event.

“He threatened to kill us three times,” she said. “He called us n****rs three times, and then finally, the police showed up.”

Peterson said Walters also called Floyd a “n****r” and a “porch monkey.”

“And I definitely believe we got justice when he was arrested and taken away,” she said. “It was a small victory but it felt amazing seeing someone who thinks they’re high and mighty be torn down like that.”

Approximately 2,000 people attended the protest, which started in Triangle Park.

Walters was out on $3,000 bond as of Wednesday morning.