As USD 383 prepares for the first day of classes on Wednesday, Manhattan city officials suggest drivers plan their routes around road construction.

Some road projects originally scheduled for completion before the start of school have been delayed because of unusually wet weather, which will have an impact on school traffic, officials said.

Road work on Kimball Avenue and Juliette Avenue will affect Marlatt Elementary, Susan B. Anthony Middle School and Woodrow Wilson Elementary at the beginning of the semester.

The city has been working with USD 383 to develop alternate bus and traffic routes.

Officials are recommending that drivers who normally use Kimball take Seth Child Road to Marlatt Avenue and College Avenue to detour around the construction.

USD 383 also will provide crossing guards to help children cross Kimball Avenue on the east side of Browning Avenue.

The contractor, Ebert Construction, is creating a temporary hard, all-weather surface with compacted AB-3 across the south half of Kimball and installing safety fencing. School crossing signs with flags and a 20 mph sign will be in place as well.

Juliette Avenue also will be under construction between Poyntz Avenue and Osage Street during a portion of the fall 2019 semester. Buses should use the recommended construction bus route.

Temporary no-parking zones will be enforced on the east side of North Sixth Street between Fremont Street and Leavenworth Street, and the south side of Fremont Street for 30 feet west of North Sixth Street.

Official are also asking drivers to remember to slow down in school zones.