A 51-year-old Manhattan man has tested positive for the coronavirus, the Riley County Health Department confirmed Friday at a news conference. 

His is the first confirmed case of the virus, also called COVID-19, in Riley County.

The man, who is currently isolated in his home, recently traveled overseas to London. The man visited Ascension Via Christi hospital on Tuesday, said Julie Gibbs, Riley County Health Department director. 

"The healthcare providers did everything correctly in containing and stopping the spread of the virus," Gibbs said. 

Gibbs said there is no indication of a widespread community transmission of COVID-19 in Riley County or the region. 

"So the risk to the residents remains low," she said. 

Health department officials are working to identify and contact other people who may have had close contact with the man and possibly were exposed to the virus, Gibbs said. Gibbs said the health department will closely monitor these individuals and their symptoms. 

"Please keep in mind this is the only case we have had in Riley County," Gibbs said. 

The man was exposed to someone who had coronavirus while in London, Gibbs said.

Gibbs previously has said she won't release information on how many tests have been conducted.

Gibbs at the press conference also issued an order prohibiting public gatherings — indoors or outdoors — of more than 10 people. This order begins at 12:01 a.m. Saturday until at least April 4. 

Responding to a question, David Adams, emergency services and ambulance director for the county, said people can still participate Saturday in gatherings for Fake Patty's Day as long as they adhere to this order. 

“Those who are wanting to participate in Fake Patty’s Day, this prohibits mass gatherings larger than 10 people," Adams said. "So that is for the local bars, that’s also for residences, whether it’s in a party in the yard on a party in the house. So people can get together and they can enjoy themselves, but it must be in a group of 10 or less.”

People who do not adhere to this order could face criminal penalties, according to a release by the Riley County Health Department.

The Riley County case makes 45 confirmed cases of the virus in Kansas as of Friday afternoon. The Centers for Disease Control reported 15,219 cases in the United States with 201 deaths.

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