RCPD uniforms

The Riley County Police Department is testing new uniform options as its current color, bottom middle, could become unavailable in the future.

The officers in blue could be outfitted in a new color as the Riley County Police Department tests different uniform options.

RCPD’s uniform, which is French blue, may become unavailable in the near future as larger police agencies have been opting out of the traditional color, causing manufacturers to slow or stop production of it.

RCPD said police departments have been moving toward darker uniforms that perform better and show less dirt, grime and wear.

A uniform committee, made up of employees, has researched the options for months. It ultimately whittled down choices to ones that include more durable pants with technology that accommodates both hot and cold temperatures. The available shirt hues range from light grays and blues to a deep navy.

RCPD Capt. Rich Fink spoke to the Riley County Commission on Monday about these potential changes.

The community can expect to see the traditional and proposed uniform designs out in public during the 60- to 90-day trial period. Officers will report the uniform’s durability, fit and comfort to the committee.

Afterward, the department will decide whether it will transition to a new uniform or keep its current look for as long as its produced.