With chances of showers and thunderstorms predicted by the National Weather Service over the weekend, K-State climatologist Mary Knapp said it is difficult to predict how that rainfall may affect Tuttle Creek Lake because it depends on how much and where the rain will physically fall.

“(According to) the quantitative precipitation three-day forecast for June 14-17, we’re right on the boundary line for heavy rainfall,” Knapp said.

Knapp said areas north of Manhattan, such as in Nebraska, may see up to a quarter-inch of rain, which may slightly increase runoff. Areas south of the city could get as much as 4 inches, Knapp said, which could lead to problems farther along the Missouri River.

“The best chance of rain here in Manhattan would be (Friday night) and Saturday night, and overnight rainfall is typical of summer storms,” Knapp said.

While 2019 has seen more precipitation to date than its historical average, the rate is not that much wetter than normal, Knapp said. As of Friday, Manhattan has received 26.28 inches of precipitation this year and the average year to date is 15.18 inches.