Recovery efforts

Belfor disaster recovery experts work to restore items damaged by the flooding.

Local emergency responders will be featured in an upcoming episode of “Hearts of Heroes,” an educational docu-series exploring the stories of emergency responders in the aftermath of natural disasters.

The episode will cover the flooding that occurred over Labor Day weekend in 2018, particularly those affected and living in the Garden Grove senior residential community on Garden Way. With the help of Belfor, a multinational disaster recovery company, and emergency responders, residents like Gloria Richardson were able to recover their belongings inside the building.

Manhattan was also featured in the series’ “Help from Above” and “Hale First Responders” episodes covering more of the Labor Day flooding and efforts to put out the Hale Library fire in May 2018, respectively.

The episode will air 9 a.m. Saturday on Channel 49, KTKA-TV.

Full episodes can also be watched on the “Hearts of Heroes” YouTube channel.