Both current Manhattan mayor Michael Dodson and city commissioner Wynn Butler donated funds toward city commission candidate Mark Hatesohl prior to the general election Nov. 5. Butler donated $500, and Dodson donated $200 to Hatesohl.

Dodson said he donated to Hatesohl because they are friends.

“I’ve known him for a long time, and he’s a friend,” Dodson said. “He’s only one of the candidates that I really know.”

Additionally, Kaleb James, who is also seeking office, received a donation of $500 from Butler.

Butler was not available for comment at press time.

Other candidates running include current city commissioner Linda Morse, Aaron Estabrook, Maureen Sheahan, Mary Renee Shirk, Sarah Siders and Vincent Tracey.

All of the candidates except Morse started with a balance of $0. Morse had a starting balance of $2,513.96. Candidates were allowed to raise and collect funds from Jan. 1 to July 25.

During that time, Hatesohl collected $2,650, the most funds out of all the candidates running. Hatesohl received donations over $200 from various individuals and entities: Kent Glasscock ($250), Neil Horton ($250), Bayer Construction Co., Inc ($225), Tarkio CD Disposal LLC ($225) and Sandra Kearns ($200).

Hatesohl also received a donation from William Jorns in the amount of $300 after the July 25 date, collecting it July 29. Hatesohl had to submit a last-minute contribution report. Hatesohl spent $2,213.48 over the time period.

He has $436.52 on hand.

James collected $650 and spent $200. James has $450 in funds.

Morse received $1,700, receiving donations over $200 from Betty Banner ($500), Glasscock ($250) and Jayme Morris Hardeman ($250). Morse spent $428.40. She has $3,785.56.

Tracey collected $100 from Riley County Commisssioner Marvin Rodriguez.

Tracey also donated $1,000 to the campaign. He received a total of $1,100 and spent $167.09.

He has $932.91 on hand.

Sheahan collected $600, receiving funds over $200 from Carol Sevin ($200). Sheahan also personally donated to her own campaign ($200). She spent $252.13 and now has $347.87.

Shirk donated $500 toward her campaign, raising a total of $500. She did not spend any money.

Siders received a total of $546.80, collecting donations over $200 from Glasscock ($250) and Rebecca Robinson ($200). Siders spent $118.75 and now has $428.05.

Estabrook signed an affidavit of exemption, said Susan Boller, county elections supervisor. Boller said Estabrook is not collecting over $1,000 toward his campaign, which exempts him from receipt and expenditure reports.

USD 383 school board candidates are not required to disclose reports until December 2020, Boller said. As of June 3, USD 383 candidates include: Kristen B. Brighton, Joseph Dasenbrock, Curt Herrman, Darell Edie and Brandy Santos.