Stroller in hand, Christina Chadwick pushed her 2-year-old daughter, Katharina, toward the finish line while her 3-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, jogged beside them.

The family was just finishing the one-mile fun run during the 11th annual Brew 2 Shoe races in downtown Manhattan on Saturday after it participated in the 5K earlier in the morning.

The Manhattan mother said she usually tries to go on a couple of runs each week with the girls through their neighborhood. She also brought her children to the race last year.

“(The race) is just fun,” Chadwick said. “I like to run with other people, and it usually makes me run faster too. It’s fun for the girls to enjoy so as long as they have fun, it is for me as well.”

While one of the draws to this particular race, which celebrates the anniversaries of Manhattan Running Company and the now-closed Tallgrass Brewing Company, caters to an older crowd with its offerings of beer at the end, the event is also a family affair.

Several people bring along their children strapped in strollers. Some children even run or walk with their parents.

Hope Cramer of Manhattan ran with her 10-month-old son along with her friend and her young daughter. Cramer said the Saturday 10K was her first race she’d been in since she gave birth.

“It feels good to be done,” Cramer said. “With his extra load this time it was a little bit harder. Maneuvering a stroller around people and side streets (was a challenge), but it was good.”

Whitney McClintock of Fort Riley and her sons, Carter, 9, and Lucas, 6, also ran in the mile fun run.

McClintock said she participated in races with Carter before, but this year Lucas also wanted to try to run with them.

“Yeah,” Carter said when asked if he had fun. “I like running.”

Lucas agreed, and showed off a scratched elbow from a fall he’d taken while running.

“I’m gonna need a big Band-Aid for this,” he said.

McClintock said she is proud of her boys for finishing the race, and she enjoys that she’s able to make the event an activity the whole family can join in.

“It makes me happy that I’m instilling good habits instead of them sitting around and them not doing anything,” McClintock said. “I’m excited to get them active and get them into running, and we can all do it together. It’s just something fun we can do and it’s good exercise.”