Riley County residents renewing their driver’s licenses between now and 2020 may need to bring additional documents.

The Real ID Act, which Congress passed in 2005, establishes new security standards for licenses and identification cards to be implemented in 2020 and is meant to detect any attempt by terrorists to use fraudulent IDs.

As of Aug. 1, Kansas started issuing licenses and IDs compliant with the act. People seeking new licenses or IDs must present documentation of a Social Security number in addition to a valid passport or birth certificate. If the names on any two documents do not match, the county requires that people also bring in documentation showing the name change, such as a marriage license or divorce decree.

Shilo Heger, county treasurer, said the new procedure is basically a re-vetting of individuals because until the new law passed, documents people brought in to get an ID or license were not scanned into a system.

Riley County began to scan those documents in 2011. The state has started to go through and mark people whose documents were scanned as being Real ID compliant. If individuals are on that list, when they go to renew their ID they automatically get one with the compliance symbol.

“We have run across some who have already come in who got their (ID) since 2011, for whatever reason they weren’t scanned,” Heger said. “I’m just saying it’s in your best interest to bring in the documentation to be on the safe side.”

The new licenses and ID cards have a gold star symbol to show they are compliant with federal law. Having a federally valid ID is not mandatory, but after 2020, people will need them to board an airplane if they’re flying within the United States or to enter any federal building.

“There is no need to rush into our office to have this done,” Heger said. “You can do it when your license expires unless that license expires after 2020 and you need it to fly.”

She said the temporary paper ID issued during the 15-day waiting period while a license is mailed will not be a valid form of ID for the Transportation Security Administration or to enter a federal building.

Heger also reminded people that the treasurer’s office only has one license station and encouraged people to use the text option to add their names to the wait list so that they don’t have to wait in the building for a long time.