K-State’s campus newspaper, the Collegian, is reducing its print editions to once a week because of budget cuts, the editor announced Wednesday.

The Collegian now will be in print on Fridays during the school year, though it will publish news regularly on its website. It will also distribute an email newsletter Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“This decision will not affect our ability to inform the public online but limits our ability to reach the community,” editor in chief Bailey Britton said in a letter. Britton is a junior in journalism and English at K-State, and she was an intern at The Mercury this summer.

The Collegian at the beginning of the school year was publishing in print twice a week. Before that it was three times a week.

For decades, though, the newspaper was considered a daily, printing five days a week. Over time, lower ad revenue combined with cuts to funding from the Student Governing Association forced the paper to reduce print days.

The Collegian employs approximately 30 staff members in editing, writing, photography and advertising positions. It’s run by an independent enterprise, the Collegian Media Group, overseen by a board of composed of students, faculty members and professionals.

Its other publications — The Royal Purple yearbook and Manhappenin’ Magazine — also will see reductions to their products, Britton said.

The Royal Purple will have 60 fewer pages, and Manhappenin’ will publish a smaller 24-page magazine.

Britton pointed out that the publications exist partly to teach student journalists.

“Not only do CMG publications serve others, but they also provide a way for students to gain technical skills for their future careers,” she wrote. “While it may be more difficult now, CMG has tremendous student leaders who want to help others.”