After a rough start to the school year, K-State continues to report a declining number of coronavirus cases.

Lafene Health Center at K-State confirmed 40 positive cases from Sept. 21 to Sept. 25, the lowest number of cases the center has reported since the start of classes. Lafene also confirmed the university’s lowest positive rate to date with 5.41% of all test results during the week coming back positive.

The numbers are not indicative of all positive cases in people associated with K-State, rather they are the numbers from on-campus testing reported by Lafene Health Center on the Manhattan campus.

Since classes started Aug. 17, K-State has confirmed 696 cases of the coronavirus.

K-State started the school year with 63 cases at a rate of 9.25% from Aug. 17 to 21. The university reached its peak for cases and positive rate from Aug. 24 to 28 when it had 222 positive cases with a positive rate of 26.40%.

Lafene confirmed case and rate declines in the following weeks — 195 and 17.11% (Aug. 31 to Sept. 4), 104 and 12.82% (Sept. 7 to 12) and 72 and 8.65% (Sept. 14 to 18).

Vivienne Uccello, Riley County public information officer, said last week that K-State officials have received fewer complaints about mask violations.

K-State’s mask policy requires everyone to wear face coverings over their mouths and noses in all indoor and outdoor spaces unless someone is alone in a private office or work space or alone outdoors.

As of Sept. 25, there were 278 students in quarantine and 85 in isolation on and off campus in Manhattan, according to the university.

That is down from the peaks of 659 students in quarantine and 370 in isolation on Sept. 4.

Officials have cleared 1,313 students from quarantine and 778 from isolation as of Sept. 25.