Cisco the cat

Cisco the cat, seen at home, died Sunday after being shot. Pottawatomie County sheriffs arrested K-State agronomist Stewart Duncan for animal cruelty in relation to the death.

The Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office arrested K-State agronomist Stewart Duncan on Sunday for shooting a neighbor’s cat to death.

Sheriff Shane Jager said the office responded to the incident in Westmoreland at 2:20 p.m. Sunday. Police arrested Duncan for animal cruelty, Jager said.

The case is still under investigation. Jager said on Tuesday that officials released Duncan on bond. Jager did not release any other details about the case.

Westmoreland resident Walter Henry told The Mercury on Monday that Duncan killed his three-year-old cat, Cisco.

“He was very, very popular in the neighborhood. He would go on long walks and stop by different houses,” his owner said.

Henry said on Sunday he was mowing the lawn. He didn’t see the shot that killed the orange and white cat, but Henry said he saw the cat sprinting away before the cat collapsed on the side of the road. Henry said he immediately called the sheriff’s office.

Henry said he believed Cisco was shot with an air rifle.

Duncan received all of his agronomy degrees from K-State. He earned his doctorate in 1991.

Henry said he and Duncan have been neighbors for about five years.

Duncan didn’t respond to requests for comment.