Q: Why are houses being demolished at the corner of North Manhattan Avenue and Vattier?

A: When it comes to that part of town these days, it seems like either a hotel or apartment complex will follow.

In this instance, workers are clearing the way for Avenue M, a four-story apartment building.

The lot being demolished for the apartments included houses at 1220, 1226 and 1230 Vattier, and 910 North Manhattan Avenue.

Avenue M and the nearby addition to 12B Lofts on Bluemont Avenue and 11th Street are both Back 9 Development projects.

Workers demolished three 11th and Bluemont properties earlier this summer for the 12B addition.

Back 9 Development owner T.J. Vilkanskas said both projects are scheduled to open Aug. 1, 2020, and leases are already being signed.

Vilkanskas said Avenue M will have a similar setup to 12B Lofts with the exceptions of using brick instead of stone and the inclusion of one-bedroom units.

He said Avenue M will have 16 one-bedroom apartments, 13 two-bedroom apartments and six four-bedroom apartments.

Vilkanskas didn’t provide pricing for Avenue M, but he said it would be similar to 12B Lofts.

In those apartments, rent is $1,400 a month for two bedrooms and $2,400 a month for four bedrooms.

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