Officer Jamie Dickson gets our of her patrol car at 1857 Anderson Avenue

Officer Jamie Dickson gets out of her patrol car Wednesday at 1857 Anderson Ave. to notify the men sitting outside that they need to keep the alcohol off of the sidewalk. Dickson also told the men that the “Tits?” sign is legal to have, but the “U Honk, We Drink” sign could make them liable if an accident occurs because of someone taking their eyes off of the road. “We’re just guys being dudes,” one of the men said.

Q: Some young men on Wednesday afternoon were holding a sign that said “Tits?” toward traffic on Anderson Avenue. Is that allowed?

A: You’d think that this demonstration might have been a response to the recent change in city ordinance that allows women to be topless in public, but no.

The men in question were K-State fraternity members (plus one homeless man) sitting in their front yard at 1857 Anderson Ave. drinking beer with a big spray-painted sign.

They all declined to be identified and asked that we not give the name of their fraternity (but since they didn’t give the name, we couldn’t anyway).

Our photographer arrived just as a female police officer, Jamie Dickson of the Riley County Police Department, was pulling up to the house.

She said she heard of the gathering because of an anonymous (female) caller. Dickson said she stopped because the men had some alcohol that was on the sidewalk, not on their property, which is not allowed.

As she approached, the men folded up their sign. She said she told them it was perfectly legal.

However, she pointed out that if a “U honk, we drink” style sign like theirs caused an accident because a driver was distracted, they could be held liable.

The men said they were not aware of any change in a city ordinance but were pleased to hear of the development.

“We’re just guys being dudes,” one of the men said.

File this under “legal but not likely to make your mother proud.”

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