Q: I’m a senior citizen and long-time resident of Kansas. I am interested in auditing classes at K-State and Washburn University. Are there any costs? How do I arrange this?

A: I’m happy to hear you are looking to continue your education, and I’m sure K-State and Washburn University, which have specific policies for these situations, are happy to hear it too.

Yes, if you are a Kansas resident over the age of 60, you can audit — take classes courses without paying tuition — at all six Regents universities, said Gayle Doll, director of K-State’s Center for Aging. Students don’t receive credit for the classes.

But auditing students must first get approval from the faculty member teaching the course and wait to see if room is available, according to the Kansas Board of Regents Policy.

The policy states: “Any Kansas resident 60 years of age or older upon the presentation of sufficient proof of age shall be permitted to audit courses at state universities on a space available basis with no requirement for payment of tuition and fees required of every student as a condition of enrollment.”

To apply for audited courses at K-State, students should apply as a non-degree seeking student. For more information, contact the K-State Office of Admissions at 785-532-6250.

Although Washburn University is not a full member of the Kansas Board of Regents system, it uses the same policy, said Patrick Early, Washburn director of communications.

“We do offer the opportunity to audit courses for individuals over 60,” he said. “They can audit any class which has seats available after the completion of the regular registration process.”

To apply for classes at Washburn, auditing students need to fill out an application as a non-degree seeking student and will be allowed to register for classes after a majority of degree-seeking students have enrolled.

For more information, contact Washburn’s Office of Admissions at 785-670-1030.

Dylan Lysen is the education reporter for the Manhattan Mercury. Follow him on Twitter @DylanLysen and on Facebook @DylanLysenNews.