Coronavirus is now spreading throughout the community, local officials have confirmed, as one of the most recent cases involved a person who contracted it here.

That person, county officials say, went to the west side Dillons and to Walmart in the days before developing symptoms.

Riley county currently stands at 14 confirmed cases, officials said Monday. The most recent case is in the hospital.

The health department is completing its investigation in the community spread case, but officials have confirmed the person went to the west side Dillons on March 26 and Walmart on March 30.

The person developed symptoms on March 31 and has been in isolation since that time.

“The patient is currently in isolation at home and took all of the right actions as soon as symptoms developed,” officials said in a press release.

With a community spread case, a person had no recent travel history or contact with an infected person, which indicates that the virus may have spread within the local community.

Riley County Health Department director Julie Gibbs said the person in the case announced Monday morning is being isolated at the hospital, but she did not yet have further details on the newest case and said it is pending official confirmation from the county.

The health department had announced two cases earlier on Sunday, a man in his 40s and a man in his 30s, both of whom live in Manhattan.

Gibbs said the man in his 40s had been swabbed twice and tested positive the most recent time.

While this man did have recent travel history, the man in his 30s did not, which indicates community spread, Gibbs said.

The health department is in contact with him to determine who else he may have come into contact with. Both people are self-isolating at home.

The department is monitoring daily 34 total people in the county and are waiting on results from 18 tests. It is working on gathering a list of the number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 and so far, it has gotten back 78 negative tests.

“The results look promising because most people can recover at home and we only have one at the hospital at this time,” Gibbs said.

“Staying home is the best weapon we have to stop the spread of the disease,” Gibbs said. “Everyone who complies with the order is doing their part to help save lives. We need everyone to take this seriously.”

Geary County also has a new case with its health department saying that the county’s second case of COVID-19 involves a 48-year-old Junction City man who traveled to the Texas area.

He is currently self-isolated at home.

Geary County officials announced the county’s first case on Saturday afternoon.

Overall, KDHE said the state has 845 cases as of 11 a.m. Monday. Twenty-five residents have died from the virus, and an additional 198 residents are hospitalized.

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