Riley County Health Department Director Julie Gibbs said the department is waiting to hear back on results from eight coronavirus tests from Riley County. 

Gibbs said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon that tests results are usually back within three to five days.

There is still only one case in the area in Pottawatomie County. Riley County has had about 40 negative COVID-19 tests, Gibbs said. 

Gibbs also said there are 20 to 30 individuals in the county under quarantine right now. 

"We monitor those individuals daily," Gibbs said. 

That is not including the students from K-State who visited Italy and had a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Their quarantine just ended, Gibbs said, and none of those students are showing symptoms. 

Kurt Moldrup, interim assistant director of the Riley County Police Department, said officials are waiting for evidence of community spread before officials implement a stay-at-home order. 

As of Wednesday afternoon, the state of Kansas has 126 cases of coronavirus and three deaths.