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K-State’s Anderson Hall

As the price of higher education goes up, potential students are putting more stock in the future value of a degree, and a Georgetown University study ranks K-State and Manhattan Area Technical College as similar for the 40-year return on investment on degrees from those institutions.

Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce and McCourt School of Public Policy used data from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard, which collects data from the nation’s higher education institutions, to rank over 4,500 public and private higher education institutions.

Using cost of attendance and future salary earning figures, the study calculated net present value, or the future value of a degree earned now, for each of the institutions at 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 intervals. Although two-year institutions typically ranked higher in short-term value of a degree, the report found the 40-year interval to be the most comprehensive measure of the long-term value.

Among 698 public four-year institutions, K-State tied with Ohio University’s Zanesville Campus at no. 238 for its expected return on investment of $951,000 after 40 years. In comparison, the University of Kansas ranked no. 160 at $1,016,000 for that same metric.

MATC ranked no. 21 out of 917 two-year public institutions with a 40-year net present value of $947,000. Manhattan Christian College tied with the Cleveland Institute of Music and ranked no. 821 out of 1,120 four-year private nonprofit colleges with a 40-year net present value of $711,000.

When compared against all higher education institutions, K-State ranked No. 756, while MATC ranked closely behind at no. 776. Manhattan Christian College shared No. 2,355.

The top Kansas school for 40-year net present value was Baker University, with a 40-year net present value of $1.06 million, followed by KU and K-State.