Today we have the benefits of a robust multiple media system that is great for our communities, Everette Dennis told students of Kansas State University on Thursday.

Dennis, CEO of Northwestern University in Qatar and a former interim director of K-State’s Miller School of Journalism, spoke on Global Media in the Digital Age at the Leadership Studies Building on campus.

“The worst thing in the world is to just reiterate your own prejudices,” he said. “Expose yourself to knowledge and information because only then will you understand the bigger picture of what’s going on in the world.”

Dennis touched on topics from social media advancements to comments that President Trump has made in regard to the media and how those comments can shape the public’s view of the media.

“Digital convergence of all media makes it hard to catch up,” he said. “These days you can’t tell the difference between radio stations and television stations. Once you go online you’ll hear podcast on the television stations, and you’ll see videos on the radio stations web page.”

Dennis also said technology allows “enhanced freedom of expression.”

K-State provost and senior vice president April Mason organized the lecture.

“Global media sources are all around us, touching our lives in nearly everything we do,” Mason said. “How can we develop the skills to evaluate all the information we receive to help form our own opinions? I think we heard from Dr. Dennis how important that is.”

Alec Hathaway is a student in the Miller School of Journalism at K-State.