Grandparents Day may have looked a little different this year at Flint Hills Christian School but officials said it was still a special event.

“It’s so special for not only our students but also the grandparents,” said Jordan Candido, director of advancement. “It is one of the most looked-forward-to events.”

Pre-COVID-19 the school would invite the grandparents to visit, they would have coffee and muffins, and filter in and out of the classrooms. This year they opted for a slow parade through the parking lot.

“We certainly don’t want grandparents to incur any sort of risk by coming on campus inside around all these little bodies,” she said. “We just decided to reinvent the wheel and … have them take a real slow stroll through our parking lot.

About 75 grandparents in 50 vehicles, one coming from as far away as Arizona, showed up to celebrate with the children.

While principal Joshua Snyder manned the bullhorn, announcing each car, more than 100 children lined the sidewalk waving and holding posters to express how important their grandparents are to them.

It’s a sentiment that is not lost on Candido.

“It takes a village, does it not, to raise children?” she said.

“I think grandparents are a huge influence in building character and an overall positive part of children’s lives.”