An “adult Chuck E. Cheese’s” is one of the ideas that developer Chris Elsey is considering with the hopes of getting state money for the potential Anderson Village project.

He is seeking community feedback on concepts for an “indoor commercial entertainment destination,” which would be part of the residential, hotel and commercial building.

“We’re trying to build something that people are excited about here in Manhattan,” he said.

Elsey laid out the concept for the complex at 1445 Anderson Ave. in an email to The Mercury, listing some possible options:

• Rock climbing

• Indoor water park

• Beercade / Main Event / adult Chuck E. Cheese’s

• Rooftop use that could include mini golf, small scale theme park, etc.

• Food hall or farmers market


• Indoor ice rink

• Indoor skydiving

• Adventure rope course

• Trampoline park

• American Ninja Warrior course/gym

“Really, that space could be pretty much anything,” Elsey said.

Elsey said he wants to learn what the top facilities are that Manhattan residents want. He is modeling this initiative after a hotel and waterpark project in Garden City.

Elsey wants to use sales tax revenue (STAR) bonds — which are administered toward commercial, entertainment and tourism developments in Kansas — to fund the project. However, the state Legislature has to decide whether to extend the program beyond its July 1, 2020, expiration date.

Elsey also suggested using TIF funds, industrial revenue bonds or economic development funds from the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

The complex, without the potential entertainment spaces, has already received pushback from entities and individuals such as Renters Together MHK and Kevin Ingram, president of Manhattan Christian College.

In addition, the Eugene Field Neighborhood Association opposed parking zones Elsey proposed earlier this month.

Elsey said he wants to narrow down the top three entertainment concepts from feedback before moving forward with a community meeting.