Anderson Village, the proposed residential and commercial development at 1445 Anderson Ave., is dead, Chris Elsey, project developer, told The Mercury on Wednesday.

The project included apartments, a hotel, retail spaces and a parking garage, among other amenities. Elsey also proposed entertainment ideas including an indoor water park, aquarium and an “adult Chuck E. Cheese’s.”

The development faced informal opposition from city officials and strong objections from some community members because of parking concerns and obstructing neighboring areas.

City adminstrators did not support the project, Elsey said.

“The leadership in the town and community, they have a certain vision for the community and the things they deem important, and I can certainly respect their decisions with that,” Elsey said.

Jason Hilgers, deputy city manager, said the complex brought forth parking and density issues.

“I think there was multiple approaches to the project; hard to get a real good feel for it,” Hilgers said.

Hilgers said he and Elsey had multiple conversations about the project.

Elsey said he is looking to take this idea elsewhere in another area in the country.