After a teacher moved her belongings into a school because of flood concerns, USD 383 Superintendent Marvin Wade said Tuesday that wasn’t allowed.

Sarah Clancy, who lives in the Northview neighborhood, said in a Friday article in The Mercury that she got permission from her building’s principal to move some of her family’s belongings into Marlatt Elementary. Clancy and her husband moved some of their family’s furniture into her third-grade classroom.

Wade said when he found out, he told building administrators to not give permission for such requests in the future.

“Even though they were rightfully concerned, we can’t give permission to use the facilities like that,” he said. “We can’t do that for everyone, and that’s not how to best use the facilities.”

Wade said building administrators can give approval for what goes on in the buildings.

“It’s not just like renting the gym for an event, though,” Wade said. “This is something that’s not the best use of taxpayer dollars.”

Wade said Clancy was the only instance he heard about, and she was asked to remove her belongings as soon as possible. He said he understood the situation.

“It was a single, well-intended situation, and I don’t want to fault the administration because we want compassionate people who care about their students and staff,” Wade said. “But we have to look at it systemwide. We should be willing to do it for all, but we just can’t offer it to everyone, even just for insurance purposes.”

Clancy couldn’t be reached for comment.