The Manhattan-Ogden School Board on Wednesday approved moving forward with the Keith Noll Maintenance Center project, as well as other bond-related projects.

The board gave a thumbs up to the construction team to moving forward with tearing down part of the Keith Roll Maintenance Center and Strong School and rebuild in the same location. Trisha Brooke-Fruendt, the district owner’s representative through the process, said they would use the bond funds allocated for the project, as well as $480,000 in capital outlay funds the district had set aside for the maintenance center. If approved, the board would allow Gould Evans of Kansas City to provide architectural design, site surveys, and civil and structural engineering for the project for $85,457. Gould Evans is the design team for the support services sites like the maintenance center.

The design processes for College Hill Early Childhood, Eugene Field Early Childhood and Blue Township new elementary will go forward with going into further design processes. Fruendt said at the meeting they have rough ideas for those buildings now, but will begin going more in depth, like placing sinks and cabinets.

They will also being bidding out parking lot construction at Amanda Arnold Elementary School. The school will get nearly three dozen more spots. The team will ask for bids for this summer and next summer, and decide which is better.

The board also approved services from Drexel Technologies of Lenexa to host web documents related to the bond. After the bond projects are done, the firm will give the district a hard drive with all the documents for the future.

The board agreed to refinance part of the 2009 bond payments.

They will refinance approximately $4.4 million to a 2.5% interest rate, down from the nearly 5% rate currently. In doing so, the board will likely save around $103,125. Since refinancing bond issues in 2011, the board has saved $7.9 million in interest payments.

At the meeting, the board also approved buying 15 laptops for the high school for $14,700 from Riverside Technologies Inc of Sioux City, North Dakota. Additionally, the board approved purchasing 20 desktop computers from Cybertron Inc. of Wichita for $18,500.

The board approved Shilling Construction to resurface the tracks at Anthony and Eisenhower Middle Schools. It will cost approximately $145,150.

Board members also approved new definitions and guidelines for use of therapy and assistance dogs in the district. The guidelines define what an assistance dog is, as well as a therapy dog, and what a bite is for reporting purposes. A bite is “the dog’s teeth having broken the skin or caused a bruise.”

The guidelines also state that the rights of people with allergies to dogs outweighs the dog. If there are students allergic to dogs in the schools, the building principal will need to implement allergen filters, nightly cleanings and adjusting schedules to minimize how often they come near the dog.