Kansas State University

A financial analysis company has ranked Kansas State University as the best value college in the state.

The company, SmartAsset, used several criteria to calculate a college education value index, with K-State ranking highest on the company’s list with an index of 40.89. The University of Kansas was a close second at 39.88.

In calculating its score for K-State, the company used average scholarships and grants ($5,825), average starting salary ($51,600), in-state tuition ($9,874), living costs ($13,866) and retention rate (84%). While K-State had lower average scholarships than KU ($6,552 in Lawrence), the university edged out KU’s average starting salary ($51,500) and had lower in-state tuition than KU’s $11,455.

The index scores colleges and universities against each other’s scores, and the top institution (Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this year) receives a score of 100. Nationally, K-State and KU ranked 193 and 213, respectively.

Average tuition for Kansas colleges was $12,793, according to SmartAsset, compared to $15,308 nationally. Average starting salary was higher nationally ($50,320) than in Kansas ($47,218).

SmartAsset’s top 10 KS schools

1. Kansas State University, No. 193 nationally, 40.89 KS index

2. University of Kansas, No. 213 nationally, 39.88 KS index

3. Washburn University, No. 445 nationally, 31.59 KS index

4. Wichita State University, No. 493 nationally, 30.21 KS index

5. Pittsburg State University, No. 498 nationally, 30.14 KS index

6. Fort Hays State University, No. 579 nationally, 27.57 KS index

7. MidAmerica Nazarene University, No. 648 nationally, 25.68 KS index

8. Baker University, No. 374 nationally, 25.01 KS index

9. Southwestern University, No. 697 nationally, 24.21 KS index

10. Emporia State University, No. 706 nationally, 23.71 KS index