Donors reached a new record Thursday after raising just under $1 million for the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation’s ninth annual Grow Green Match Day event.

The unofficial total, according to the fundraiser’s page on Friday, is $993,938.61 at 4,516 gifts. This does not yet include stray checks postmarked by Thursday or the Howe Family Foundation’s 50% matches.

Last year at this point, donors raised more than $780,000, which ultimately amounted to a record-setting $1.2 million for its final total. The foundation held last year’s and this year’s event as online-only fundraisers because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The nearly $1 million will go directly into the pockets of 70 local nonprofit organizations who may need help with operating and program costs, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Howe Family Foundation promised to match 50% of donations up to $10,000 for any one organization, which will be put into its endowment fund (long-term savings account) at the community foundation.

The organizations that received the most donations included Shepherd’s Crossing ($70,385), Good Shepherd Homecare and Hospice ($51,892) and the Flint Hills Breadbasket ($48,195).

Officials said the final total will not be known for about a week.