• Ashley May Crow, 30, Marysville, for failure to appear. Free on $500 bond.

• Lindale Jamone Chaney, 35, 701 N. Ninth St. No. 1, for violation of protection order. Confined on $1,000 bond.

• Gregory Michael Rich, 38, Alma, for probation vioalation. Confined without bond.

• Rhonda Renee Darrow, 50, 2308 Strawberry Lane, for DUI. Free on $750 bond.

• Michael Tyrone Murphy, 51, Ogden, for distribution of opiates, opium, narcotics or stimulants. Confined without bond.

• Jennifer Renae Cordray, 28, Junction City, for failure to appear. Not confined at Riley County Jail; no bond listed.


Police released new information on the following cases:

• Randall Levier, 61, reported that someone kicked a dent into the front door of his 2010 Nissan Maxima, according to an Aug. 27 Riley County Police Department report.

• Steven Roe, 18, reported someone keyed his 2013 Chevrolet Silverado and slashed his tire, according to an Aug. 27 RCPD report.

• Kameron Ptasnik, 21, reported someone keyed her vehicle, according to an Aug. 27 RCPD report.

• Jonathan Rawlins, 31, reported someone took his money and shoes, according to an Aug. 27 RCPD report.