Starting Thursday, Riley County police officers will be making a concentrated effort to remove drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs from roads as part of a statewide campaign.

The campaign, facilitated by the Kansas Department of Transportation, will run through Labor Day, Sept. 2. More than 150 local and state police agencies are also participating.

This year’s campaign includes a “No Refusal Weekend” from Aug. 16-17, when all suspected impaired drivers who refuse breath testing may be subject to blood testing for drugs or alcohol.

According to KDOT, impaired drivers cause about one-third of all traffic-related deaths in Kansas. Across the U.S., alcohol-related crashes kill about 16,000 each year.

Police ask that citizens call 911 if they see “suspicious” driving behavior. People should note the location, description of the vehicle and direction it is going, and call when it is safe.