Jurors in a rape trial came to a deadlock once again after about four hours of deliberation.

This is is the second hung jury in the case of Dexter Robinson, 28, Manhattan, who was charged with rape, two counts of aggravated criminal sodomy and aggravated kidnapping.

Jurors indicated that even if they had more time to deliberate, they would not be able to come to unanimous decisions on each charge.

There is no exact limit to the number of times a defendant can be retried after a judge declares a mistrial, and retrials can continue until a conviction or plea is reached, or the state chooses not to pursue the case further.

The charges stem from a July 13, 2018, incident in which a woman said a man she didn’t recognize made her enter her friend’s apartment when she returned alone to grab belongings she left behind, asked for money and other items, and raped her.

She said while testifying that she did not fight back because she feared for her life and didn’t know what the man could do to her. During his testimony, Robinson admitted the two had sex but said the woman had sex with him in exchange for drugs. Robinson said he had briefly met her before the incident and the two conversed at the apartment beforehand.

A status hearing to set a new trial date is scheduled for 10 a.m. Dec. 2.