Steven Meredith turned down plea negotiations Monday at the Riley County Courthouse.

The 32-year-old Junction City man appeared in court for a pre-trial hearing, refusing a plea deal his defense attorney and state counsel had been working on, meaning the case will move on to a jury trial as scheduled. The eight-day trial is expected to begin July 15.

Meredith is charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy, stemming from the October 2017 death of Carrie Jones. Prosecutors allege that Meredith killed Jones because she worked as a confidential informant for police and believed she would would provide information about him in a drug case in which he was later convicted.

The deal entailed Meredith pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, the murder charge being dismissed and a suggested shortened prison sentence of about 20 years.

It also asked that prosecutors offer a plea agreement to Meredith’s sister, Samantha Bland, who is charged with aggravated intimidation of a witness in connection with the case.

If Meredith is convicted, he could face a prison sentence of up to 38 years.