A Riley County judge accepted a withdrawal of a no contest plea from a Manhattan man charged with rape.

Dexter Robinson, 27, initially had entered a no contest plea to burglary and rape in connection with an incident July 13, 2018. During a hearing in October, the victim said she was raped late at night when she returned alone to a friend’s apartment to retrieve belongings she left behind.

The motion says the court and his counsel misinformed Robinson of his post-release supervision. They told Robinson the maximum post-release supervision period he could face would be 36 months, but he was actually subject to lifetime supervision.

The document states Robinson did not know this until after he entered his plea agreement.

Because the plea was “unfair” and “not understandingly made,” Robinson instead entered a not guilty plea and waived his right to a speedy trial at a hearing presided by Judge Grant Bannister July 1 at the Riley County District Courthouse.

A three-day trial will take place in October or November.