The Kansas Supreme Court will hear two appeal cases from Geary County District Court on Wednesday.

Both are petitions for review, meaning the hearings will determine whether the Court sees a need to re-examine the lower court’s decisions.

In the State of Kansas v. Christopher Obregon, Obregon is appealing whether the court erred in classifying a previous battery conviction as a person felony and whether the Court of Appeals’ initial decision to affirm issues regarding his criminal history and remandment for a trial on a firearm enhancement of his sentence created inconsistent remedies.

In the other case, which involves minor children identified only by their initials, the mother is appealing an order that terminated her right to parent her five eldest children.

The Court of Appeals affirmed the termination of parental rights, but the mother now appeals whether the court had subject matter jurisdiction and whether the court violated her due process rights when it failed a required permanency hearing.