A Manhattan man accused of several sex-related offenses said on Wednesday that a 2016 meeting with an escort had been discussed thoroughly prior and was consensual.

Tommie Baggett, 18, testified Wednesday on the third day of his trial at the Riley County District Courthouse. He is charged with one count of rape, three counts of attempted rape, one count of criminal sodomy, one count of aggravated criminal sodomy, one count of aggravated robbery, three counts of aggravated burglary and three counts of aggravated battery.

Baggett is accused of raping, battering and robbing a woman in August 2016. He’s also accused of entering a home in February and March of 2017, and attacking and attempting to rape three women who lived there.

Baggett said in 2016, a high school friend showed him an app that essentially allowed users to arrange sexual services. He said he contacted a woman on the app, whose prices for her time were listed on her profile. He said the profile also listed prices for “extra” sexual acts.

Before the two eventually met in August 2016, Baggett said they exchanged messages about details of what they would do and the prices. He said he asked the woman at some point if she had a condom and when she said no, he brought one.

Baggett said he arrived at their agreed-upon location, Northview Park, first and waited for her under a shelter. He said the woman walked up to him and while at the park, they discussed money and other small talk. When she asked him what he wanted to do, he said he asked her to perform oral sex on him and then had sexual intercourse with her, which he said she consented to.

Baggett said the woman wanted to leave after about half an hour because it was raining heavily outside, and he said he was not going to pay her because he did not get his full time. He said she became angry and tried grabbing for his wallet, and he pushed and hit her in the process of preventing her from doing so.

When she said she would call the police, he told her to do it because he had messages on his phone of their conversations. Baggett said Wednesday that he was unsure whether those messages were still accessible to him because he had gotten a new phone in 2018.

Baggett said the woman got dressed and left the park before he did.

In regards to the February and March 2017 incidents, Baggett said he did not know any of the alleged victims nor why his DNA would be linked to them. Baggett said he did not remember much about what he did on those days.

He said after he’d been arrested in connection with the crimes, he called friends to fill in the blanks. One friend told him he’d gone to a party the night of the February incident and that they had seen a video of him drinking, but he did not appear drunk. On the day of the March incident, which was Fake Patty’s Day, Baggett said he had been in Aggieville at some point but could not remember what he did that day.

On Tuesday, Troy Mohror, a print and tire track examiner for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office who consulted on the case, said he had compared a pair of shoes collected from Baggett’s residence to pictures of a partial footprint discovered inside the victims’ home. Based on the shoes’ tread design and size of the design elements on the sole, he concluded that it was possible the footprint inside the house could have been made by Baggett’s shoes or another pair of similar shoes.

While police noted other footprints outside the home, Mohror said the tracks from those prints were different from the one on the sink.

Kansas Bureau of Investigation forensic analysts testified Tuesday that they’d tested some of the evidence provided from all four victims and found DNA that was consistent with Baggett’s DNA in its system. Baggett’s DNA had been entered in the system after he’d been arrested for possession of marijuana in 2018, which is required by Kansas statute after a felony has been committed.

KBI Forensic DNA Analyst Jena Sparling said the DNA hits technically could not be called a full match, as that would require identical hits at 23 locations, but the results the KBI had were consistent with Baggett’s profile.

Prosecutors and the defense counsel delivered their closing statements late Wednesday morning and the jury began deliberation.