The Riley County Police Department plans to install a 25-yard and 50-yard shooting range for officers at its new facility near Tabor Valley and Zeandale roads.

The Riley County Commission spent its afternoon Thursday visiting the 170-acre range, which is close to the current one, with RCPD Director Dennis Butler, Capt. Josh Kyle and Lt. Brad Jager, among others.

“There are some misconceptions sometimes about what a range is,” Jager said. “It’s not just coming out here and shooting a gun. You know it’s about learning decision-making and how to ... respond to certain threats.”

The county purchased the property for $374,000 from Tarkio CD Disposal in July. The current range’s lease ends June 30.

In addition to the two ranges, RCPD also hopes to put in several types of training buildings and a covered space for vehicles, Kyle said.

Butler said installing a driving course in the future would also be beneficial for officers to practice driving in hazardous conditions. He said officers can also correct driving mistakes by using the course.

Kyle said the course is something the department is eyeing down the road, 10 to 15 years from now.

RCPD trains officers during normal business hours or up until 8 p.m., Jager said. Butler said if noise is a concern for neighbors, the department will evaluate the situation.