After 15 months of construction, Highway K-13 over Tuttle Creek Dam is reopening.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Thursday that a bridge deck replacement project over the dam’s spillway structure is complete. That bridge helps connect Riley and Pottawatomie counties.

The Corps anticipates opening the highway on or shortly after Monday.

Unrelated to the construction project, the Kansas Highway Patrol closed a different portion of the highway over the dam two weeks ago. That was prompted by safety concerns for increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic associated with high lake levels and releases.

That section will also be reopened, but pedestrians will be prohibited on or along that section once the highway is reopened, and vehicles are likewise prohibited from stopping on the dam.

Officials are also closing parking areas adjacent to the highway over the dam to discourage pedestrian traffic. Instead, people wishing to see the lake should go to Observation Point, the Spillway Overlook, the Spillway Cycle Area, or Outlet Park.

The River Pond Area of Tuttle Creek State Park remains under an evacuation order until K-13 is reopened. Public access to the park will continue to be limited as state officials continue to address flood impacts.